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TK Biotechnology Sdn Bhd is involved in the manufacturing a range of environmental friendly natural products not tested on animals. These products are predominantly topically applied in the relief of muscular aches and pain, muscular and tissue injuries derived form burns and scalding and reduction of haemorrhoids (particularly helpful for pregnant woman or for women just after childbirth).

We are a company with a team of highly trained research scientists conducting research and development in a range of herbal products for aches and pain, allergies, health products that help to reinforce the body immune system. Our products are made from ingredients carefully selected to maximise their holistic and synergistic effects.

TK Biotechnology is dedicated to become the most reliable source in providing high quality blends of Eastern & Western herbal products in Asia and the rest of the world. This is achieved by coordinating a team of highly trained research scientists in the state of the art manufacturing research techniques capable of producing a wider range of herbal products as well as in depth understanding in the Environment, Health & Safety techniques to ensure peace and harmony at work.

We aspire to develop the company into a global leader in biotechnological research of phyto-products in herbal plants used both in the East (Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM) and in the West (Homeopathy and Aromatherapy). This is further enhanced by an understanding of the Yin-yang concept as applied in the ancient Chinese philosophy of the I-Ching with the interactions of the five main elements of wood, metal, water, fire and earth to achieve a state of dynamic equilibrium, thus Harmony within our body system.

We shall offer our customer standardised products at competitive prices. We are also developing a range of Herbal and Aromatherapy products applying the I-Ching philosophy. We shall continue to increase the range of our products and produce new blends both in the Herbal and Aromatherapy range, which can help our body achieve a state of dynamic equilibrium or Harmony. This would further help to consolidate our body immune system.

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TK Biotechnology Sdn. Bhd.
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